Saturday, March 14, 2009

Scrap Happy!

I mentioned a bit ago I wanted to get back into my crafts and start sharing that with you. I've been working on my pregnancy scrapbook since about 5 months pregnant... I got the first 3 months done and hadn't done anything until just the other day. Today I got productive and 4 pages. Here is my pregnancy scrapbook thus far...

I had to recreate this photo as I didn't take a picture back when I was using all this stuff. So the trigger shot is missing and the clomid prescription but still... it's a pretty good representation of what we did for Aidan...

This layout did not come out as I envisioned... but oh well... just the black and white flower paper wasn't really black compared to the card stock.

I love looking back at these ultra sound photos!!

Gotta love photoshop... I love the "bigger" sticker I made and I really like these colors, they were very retro.

I plan on scrapping the nursery when it's complete as well, the title does say "the Nursery... in progress".

Aidan's going to love this page when he gets older! You can see his goodies! hehe.
I had fun with a gold marker on this page...
I really like this layout... the right side belly shots are in black and white and I cut out around my belly and stuck them to different color card stock then did all but my shirt in black and white in the big picture. The big pic is triple matted to match.

So I have the first 6 months scrapped and what's kinda silly is that the book's almost done! Hehe. I plan on doing the nursery as mentioned above, the shower my work threw for us, and I have photos from the day I went into labor. Then it will be onto Aidan's scrapbook. I think I'll do a separate scrapbook just for him being in the NICU.
This was a lot of fun today and really got my creative juices flowing! Can't wait to do more!!!

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alicia said...

wow! amazing job! it looks soo great