Saturday, March 28, 2009

Starting Something New...

Aidan's website ( is coming along however it's basically his blog. There is a lot of work still needing to be done, but it's started and there is content. However, in the process my blog has suffered. Sorry. So I'm going to start something new.

Several of my blogger friends have theme days. A private blogger friend Lindsey has Why am I Smiling Mondays, private blogger friend JJ has Photo Friday, Joelle has Friday Fun, and Alicia used to have shoe/handbag voting fun on Fridays as well. So I'm going to start Saturday Scrap. This will get me motivated to blog and to scrap! Look at me multi-tasking!
Since today is Saturday and the first Saturday Scrap I'll share something I already have done as I haven't scrapped this morning... maybe this afternoon I will and can share next Saturday. Today will be a little before and after progression of my work.
One of the first pages I did was of Chris and I getting married, it's a 2 page layout. I did this page in February 2007.

I remember being very proud of this page and surprises at how it came out for my first scrapbook page. It was then I was addicted! I joined a couple myspace scrapping groups that had challenges and it really got me thinking differently and expanding my creativity. A year later I made this page from our first Thanksgiving dinner at our house. I think I improved a little... hehe

Well if nothing else, looking back at my work has got me wanting to scrap... think I'll go make a mess of the dining room and continue working on my pregnancy scrap book... until next week, this is Saturday Scrap signing off...

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alicia said...

ohh those are awesome! good idea doing a weekly thing, it will keep you motivated :)

happy anniversary too :)