Saturday, March 7, 2009

Thank you!

I just want to send out a quick thank you to all the grandparents. I condensed so much in the last post that they did not get proper credit.

Chris's parents (Grandma & Grandpa) changed their plans a thousand times to get here for when Aidan would go home and it still got mixed up. Luckily they got to be here the day he went home and his first few days at home. They were here a week and half was spent the final days in the NICU. It would have been nice if Aidan was home more while they were here, but I'm glad they got to be there for his "graduation day". It was great to have them here. Theresa cooked for us and Russell and Chris put in a new kitchen faucet for me. They also brought another car load of goodies for Aidan... they sure know how to spoil a grandson! Theresa said "A Childrens Place" was hiring.... and the amount of cute clothes she got for him she should apply so she could get a discount!!! And Grandma text me on their way home letting me know they were already planning their next trip down... we can't wait for them to see how big Aidan is getting!

My mom and Vickie just left today (Grammy 1 & Grammy 2 as they say but I call them Grammy and Grammy Vickie). They were a lot of help too. Often when I would get up with Aidan my mom would get up too and take over. I said she was spoiling me and I'd miss her when she was gone but she said for me to get my sleep now because it's over when they're gone. My poor mom too, Aidan just likes to sleep in her arms and doesn't finish his bottle so when she tries to put him down he fusses because he's still hungry. What would take me 45 minutes to do (change diaper, warm bottle, feed, burp, rock and put back down to sleep) would take her sometimes 2+ hours.

And let's not forget about Jessie. Our first baby (dog) Jessie was a very needy girl. Thank you Grandma and Grammy for putting up with her! She seemed to bug you two the most. Thanks for entertaining her and taking her outside the bazillion times while you both were here.

Now Aidan is asleep, I'm home alone, and I'm attempting some scrapbooking! I'll share later!


Chris said...

hey, there isnt enough about me in this post!!! I demand equal representation!

jk - sort of

Hey babe, great posts I should blog once in a while or something said...

wouldn't have done anything differant,except stayed longer.

Love grandma

alicia said...

yay for grandparents!!