Saturday, April 4, 2009

The Process...

Holy, Saturday Scrap again already??? Yeah, the time kinda slipped past me but I have new stuff to share. It took all day, between caring for Aidan and actually having company today, it literally took like 4 hours to finish this. But I got the whole process for you.

First I find my photos I want to scrap. This was easy this time. I was on month 7 (and final month) of my pregnancy scrapbook and had taken photos the day I went into labor with my phone. So my first step was to look at the photos, pic the best one and since phone photos aren't great with color I changed it to black and white. So I don't waste photo paper I also got my next page's photos cropped and ready.

Next it gather supplies. Now this is clean for me! Normally I gather all my stuff and put it on the dining room table. I knew I was having company so I gathered what I wanted for the two pages, even though I ended up only getting one done. So I gathered everything and cut my photos.

If you look at my laptop in the back ground there is my inspiration. I love the website PageMaps, they have tons of layout ideas and they have designers that make a page using the layouts to show you their take. This page is taken from one of their April layouts.

Next I mat my photos. I love the layered look, I chose 3 different papers, the white really makes the photo stand out against the other. I also decided to use decorative edges scissors to add a little something to the bottom mat.

Now that my photos are matted I need to get them on my page. I really like how my papers look together and am glad that I printed the photos in black and white. Even with all the patterns in the paper, the photos still stand out. I also added decorative ribbon to hide the seams of the stripped and flowered papers.

I try to journal on most of my pages. A small paragraph about what was going on. The photos tell the story but a little blurb about my thoughts that day help keep the memories alive when I go back and look through the scrap books. I could have written books about this day, but I kept it short and sweet. I chose to ink the edges of the white card stock to help it stand out and give it some dimension.
The page is nearly done... now I just need to give it a title and embellish it. "7 Months" is the title and I had perfectly matching flowers that I added to give the layout some 3D appeal.

And the finished product. I really like this page! You'll have to excuse the glare of my flash on the photo. The very last thing I do when I scrap is date the back of the page and then put it in an album. Oh - then I need to take like 20 minutes cleaning up!

Next week I hope to be able to share the last 2 pages I have intended for my pregnancy scrapbook. The shower the company I work for threw Chris and I and the nursery completed.

So until next time, this is Saturday Scrap signing off...


alicia said...

wow!! that is an awesome page!! love it, you are soo creative :)

Lindsey said...

I love it! And I, too, think you look amazing in that photo on your last pregnant day. Honestly, you look beautiful. And so peaceful. And, I love what you wrote about that last day.

Hugs to you!

Lauren said...

Love the pages! Aidan's birth story is crazy, esp considering how big and healthy he is getting! Thanks for including me in the pic updates! You have inspired me to plan a scrap weekend w/ my mom, SIL, and BFF....poor Ben only has 1 scrap booking page to date so far!