Wednesday, April 8, 2009

WOWZERS- Blogerversary

I almost missed it, even with the ticker on the right... my blogerversary.

Today marks 2 years that I've been blogging. I started out on April 8th, 2006 with the history of our journey. I think I'll take today to just reflect on some of my favorite posts.

Obviously the history is very important to me, it's our story of where we were, and how we got to TTC for so long. It marks the very beginning of when our journey of trying to conceive to our journey through infertility.

In December we met the people that would change our lives forever, it was the day of our consultation at Shady Grove Fertility Clinic. The doctors and staff there will forever remain in my memory and my heart. They gave us everything we dreamed of.

On January 13th I blogged of the the 1st "best day ever"... the iui was complete and we had found out I was pregnant... unfortunately that post was followed by a very sad post of the miscarriage of our first child.

I then made a point to blog about infertility and making it aware that being infertile isn't taboo and it's a lot more common than anyone would imagine, well unless you're going through it. My common thread is still dear to me and every year I am proud to celebrate National Infertility Survival Day.

During the same time I was blogging about our 2nd (and successful) IUI I was also battling the cyber bully... I'd like to forget him! But it was quickly followed by great news! My pregnancy with Aidan was confirmed! And then I was interview by the Baltimore Sun about blogging and infertility. The purpose of my blog was now a success. I was able to reach so many more people and possibly even helped a few other women coping with infertility.

Before long I had graduated from the fertility clinic, had numerous ultra sounds and then it was confirmed, we were having a boy and Aidan Christopher would be his name. A little over what most people have for a half way mark I got the nursery pretty much finished, had a baby shower, and enjoyed Thanksgiving.

Everything was going along so smoothly... flying through my pregnancy, feeling wonderful and beautiful... then this happened! I delivered Aidan 12 weeks early. My blogging then became a diary of Aidan's stay in the NICU.

He came home after 2 months and unfortunately busy motherhood has caused my blogging to suffer... but I'm back, with fun stuff... promise!

Happy Bloggerversary!


alicia said...

happy blogerversary!!! yay!

nice little summary you did there :)

glad you are getting back to blogging more :)

Teena in Toronto said...

Happy blogoversary!