Wednesday, May 13, 2009

My First Mother's Day

First Mother's Day was wonderful! While we were getting ready for brunch Chris gave me a really cute card. It said "hot momma" on the outside and then the inside said "Daddy Like". I loved it!!!

We went to brunch at a fancy place and while the selection was great, as were the free mimosas for the moms, the food was mediocre. It looked great, but was just kinda bland. We still had a wonderful time and Aidan was a perfect angel. It was the first time we had taken him to a restaurant and were really pleased he didn't scream and cry like the baby a few tables over did. During brunch, Chris gave me another card from him and one from Aidan. The one from him had me in tears it was so sweet. I have such a wonderful husband! And the one from Aidan was great! It has coupons that I'm holding on to until Aidan can use them... they were things like doing dishes and cleaning his room. He doesn't even know what Daddy got him into!

Here's a few photos from my special day.

I tried to fit us all in... wasn't too successful


Lindsey said...

Happy, happy, happy mother's day to a most deserving mother! You and your boys look great. You are such an attractive family!

alicia said...

ahhh nice pics! i am glad you had such a great day :)