Saturday, May 9, 2009


I finally got a Saturday where I could sit down and scrap! I've actually been really productive today. Back in November I started on a book that my mom asked me to make for a friend's daughter. It was an 8x8 album with the layouts done where she could put the photos in herself. She's in 7th grade right now and my mom wanted it to take her through high school.

Well as of Saturday, December 13th I only had about half the book done, and well we all know what happened that evening and into the next morning... and if you don't, read this!

When my mom visited us when Aidan was born I sent her home with what I had done so that Zoey would at least have a gift to open from my mom. Well I still haven't finished the book. In fact I hadn't even worked on it. Since we'll be in Maine in June I thought I should get cracking and finish the book for her.

Since I don't have to print photos and match colors to photos, and I can keep them simple so she can add her own stuff to the layouts, the pages go pretty fast! The purple and white pieces with dimensions on them are just scrap pieces of paper so she knows what size to make the photo. Each scrap is held onto the page with clear adhesive photo corners so she doesn't need to buy adhesive and she can swap out the pics as many times as she'd like. This is what I finished today:

Two pages for pictures of her with her doggies!

Field hockey and school is pretty much Zoey's life so I gave her 3 pages for her playing field hockey.

I was really lucky with the next layout. Zoey attends school in Maine who's colors are black and orange and their mascot is an Indian... well down here in a neighboring town the high school is the Easton Warriors with colors black and orange and mascot an Indian!

Zoey also does Karate, so here are 2 pages for her to display photos of her competing.

This is to be the last page of her book. The first page also says Zoey, kind of like bookends.

I have already done a "Mom & Me" page (her mom has raised her by herself and has done a tremendous job!), and I plan on doing another. There will be two family pages, one is done. And then a page for each school year from 7th until 12th and a graduation page. There are 20 pages total and I have 4 left to do! I sure hope I can get them done by June!!!

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alicia said...

wow look at you go! you are so talented!