Sunday, June 28, 2009

About Time!

So I'm finally going to post about vacation. Really not a lot to say but it was fun and relaxing and great to see family and friends. We were pleasantly surprised by a shower on Sunday in Massachusetts. Grandma Sayers threw it for us and asked everyone to sign a book instead of a card... we came home with LOTS of books! Thank you Grandma, Grandpa & Aunt Michelle!!!
Here's a pic of Aidan loving his party!

We spent half of the week in Maine and Aidan got to meet his great grandparents for the first time. He also got to meet his great aunt & uncle, Kay & David and his great uncle from Colorado, Henry. He liked Henry, he has a big belly and when he held Aidan and laughed it jiggled Aidan and Aidan would laugh and laugh!
This photo is so sweet! This is a pic of Great Grammy, Great Grampy and Uncle Henry. My grandfather wanted to push the stroller. Too sweet. (the fields on either side is covered with young blue spruce trees, my grandparents planted all of them a couple years ago. There are HUNDREDS! My grandparents are such an inspiration, to work that hard, it's really hard to believe they are 89 and 85!

Here's Aidan with his great Grammy. I love this picture!

While we were in Maine Aidan learned to roll! He still needs help but he does roll from back to belly! Once we got home Aidan had his 6 month check up, he's doing great! He's in the 2 percentile ... he's on the charts!!! And we got the go ahead to start cereal - HA, that's a slow process! He also had his NICU follow up appointment. His muscles in his arms and legs are stronger than his mid section so we just have to give him more tummy time and give him baby massages and stretches! Preemies have their own growth charts and I'm happy to announce that Aidan is in the 75 percentile for the preemies!!!

Can you even believe our little miracle boy is 6 months old already?!


alicia said...

wow 6 months, that is crazy!! and yay for rolling and growing so well! he is such a cutey!

Amy said...

Oh my gosh, Jaime, I cannot believe he is rolling already...that is AMAZING!! you know, Holden (if I'm recalling correctly) couldn't really roll until he was nearly 6 months old, and he was a full-term baby! Aidan is doing superbly! You must be so proud!