Tuesday, August 11, 2009

All About Aidan

I promised an update on the little man so I better get to it! And what better way than in pictures!

Nearly 1 month ago I took his 7 month pictures, take a look at this handsome little man!

He's a little lady's man I think... he's got his daddy's smirk too!

Mid July the company I work for had their annual summer auction. Aidan and I flew to Maine so Aidan could see his Grammy again and I could work the auction. He was wonderful on the plane and basically slept the whole time.

While in Maine I had my first overnight without Aidan. I stayed at the hotel for the auction and my mom took Aidan overnight for 2 nights! It was a little hard but he did really good and I was able to sleep through the night. He has such a good time with Grammy and Grammy 2.

Just look at that sweet face!

He also go to see his Great Grammy again. Even though it's a cell phone photo, I just think it is so precious!

He did miss his mommy though and started "giving kisses". Well really just slobbering on your face, but I'll take it!

The over-night in Maine prepared Chris and I for leaving Aidan with a sitter over night so we could see the Red Sox play in Baltimore against the Orioles on August 1st. Aidan stayed with the Guyette's, it was his first time being with someone other than his parents or grandparents since being home from the NICU. Chris and I had a great time at the game. We had wonderful seats right behind home plate.
Sunday after the game I was playing on the floor with Aidan and he rolled over from front to back all by himself for the first time! I am so proud of him!
Today I had a doctors appointment and Dr. O'Brien and Dr. Judd (Aidan's delivery doc) got to meet Aidan for the first time. Dr. Judd just kept saying "wow". He's truly amazed at Aidan and no one could believe he was the same baby that came so early on that scary night. Dr. Judd said he thinks of us often and had been wondering how we were doing. That also makes me feel so proud of our little miracle!
As you can see, July and the first of August was really great. We are now in the "heat" of summer and not doing much outside, just too darn hot. I'm already looking forward to the fall, I'd really like to take Aidan to the zoo. He has really started to notice the dog and our cats and actually reaches for them now and tries to pat them. (Opens and closes his hands on them, then pulls a handful of hair out!)
Aidan has just progressed so much in the past month, I can not believe he turned 5 months adjusted on the 9th and will be 8 months old actual on the 14th... in 3 days!!!
I wonder what the next month will have in store for us? Aidan wonders too...


Lindsey said...

Thank you SO MUCH for this great update! I have been thinking about you all and wondering how the little guy is doing. He could not be any cuter!

alicia said...

ahh he is sooo cute! thanks so much for showing your pics!!! he is soo handsome!