Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Happy Birthday Trevor!

This sweet little boy should have celebrated his 1st birthday on November 29th, instead we sent our Birthday wishes to him up to heaven.

Sunday night we joined together for a balloon release and candle light vigil to honor what should have been a celebration. Instead we wrote messages on our balloons and as a sweet little girl stated, "Mommy, our balloons are going to Heaven for Trevor right?". Words were said in memory of Trevor and while music played we released our balloons. Our birthday wishes and love and miss you notes soared high in the evening sky. We lit our candles while Trevor's mom, Kelly read the letter she wrote to Trevor that accompanies him in his tiny casket. Then we sang "Happy Birthday" to Trevor. At the end of the song we blew our candles. Between the sniffles and the sobbing everyone wished we were singing a more joyful tune and watching Trevor's big beautiful eyes sparkle behind his first candle.

On September 3rd Trevor died at a Washington DC Children's Hospital due to head trauma associated with Shaken Baby Syndrome. Trevor's life was taken by his day care provider. Someone the family knew their entire lives and trusted with the care of their first born son. Their lives will never be the same and we all miss Trevor so much, every single day. Trevor's family now fights for justice for Trevor and do their part to support child abuse awareness. This blue ribbon is in honor of Trevor.

You will never be forgotten, Trevor. We miss you every day!

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Anonymous said...

That is such a nice way to celebrate Trevor. I cried the whole time I read this entry. What happened to Trevor is so sad. To think of how hard that precious little boy fought to live at the beginning of his life, only to be taken away by such a heartless monster makes me sick. I am happy to hear that his family was able to celebrate his life on his birthday, even though he was not there to join in. They will forever have an angel watching over him.