Thursday, December 3, 2009

OMG! So Much Going On!

9 days until Aidan's birthday party, 11 days until his birthday, 13 days until Company Christmas party, 19 days until Aidan's eye appointment, 22 days until Christmas, 35 days until Aidan's eye surgery, and 38 days until Chris' birthday...

That was my Facebook status update moments ago and it kinda made me freak! Luckily I think I have everything under control. All I have left to do for Aidan's party is finish 4 scrapbook pages, buy the groceries (day before), buy balloons (morning of) and put favors together. I'm still waiting on half the favors. They have been shipped but are coming USPS Priority Mail so I can't track them.. .UGH!

Oh and the family Christmas is 12 days, the day after we're having Aidan's party so that we can all be together and do Christmas together. All gifts are purchased and wrapped except one. And that is not my fault. I ordered 3 of something and 2 came in perfect condition, 1 did not. Luckily I requested a new one and it's being sent however I'm still not sure it will be here in time... oh well... what can ya do?

I am just so excited though! I can't wait to post a bunch of photos of his party and Christmas! Will be much different than Christmas last year!

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Anonymous said...

I can't believe he is almost a year old!! That is crazy!! I can't believe it about Lachlan either. This Christmas will be very different for both of us. You will be home with your little boy rather than visiting him in the hospital, and I will be home with my little boy rather than having him in the hospital!! I can't wait to see your pictures!! Glad you feel like you have everything under control!!