Monday, January 11, 2010

Surgery Update

Aidan's tear duct surgery went wonderfully!

It was sad to go in while they put him under but he was really calm and did great. The procedure took about 30 minutes total and they said it was definitely blocked and he wouldn't have outgrown it. They also did an eye exam and he is still extremely far sighted still. They said they usually don't check otherwise, "regular" babies so in actuality that could be normal but we just have to watch for a lazy eye, which there is no sign of yet. We'll go for a follow up in a month. There is a 5% chance he'll need the procedure done again, not too concerned. His eyes look absolutely amazing. His cute little face is even cuter!

This picture is before he went in to the OR. He was such a ham. He was smiling and laughing and every doctor, surgeon or nurse that passed by had to stop into his room and talk to him. He was loving all the attention!

In other big news for Aidan, we've switched to a sippy cup almost exclusively and also cow's milk. I still have to give him formula at night because the first night I tried just milk it didn't seem to last him through the night and he woke up twice. We do a sippy cup all day, sometimes for a nap he'll only take the milk for half the sippy cup and I'll finish with the bottle and at night we do a bottle. We also started scrambled eggs but he doesn't like them once they are cold. But he likes wheat toast! And he's really liking the milk too, no issues there.

He had an early development appointment this morning with the service coordinator and the OT specialist. He's doing really good. They are really proud that they are seeing such progression. He still hasn't caught up to his actual age but he's really getting close. His cognitive and fine motor are really good, pretty much at 11 months solid. We have to work on things like holding a crayon and marking on paper and putting things in a box with a lid and have him take the lid off to get the item and also putting a block in a cup and hitting his spoon to his cup, those are all 12 and 13 months things. He's always been behind with his gross motor, crawling and stuff. Barely even being at his adjusted age with that. But he is a solid 9 months on that and working on 10. 10 months is actual crawling and being able to hold onto something like a rail and sit without falling. I'm very proud of him!


alicia said...

ahh I am proud of him too!!! I am glad the surgery went well and that he is doing well in all other areas too! what a cutey pie!


Lindsey said...

I'm proud too! What a little champ. Thanks for the update!