Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Aidan is having tear duct surgery tomorrow and I'm super nervous!!! I know everything will be ok but he has to go under anesthesia and that makes me nervous. I'll update everyone on how it goes tomorrow. Please think of us!

On a more chipper note, he did great at his 1 year wellness visit. He weighs 18 lbs 14 oz and is 28 1/4" tall. He's still in like the 4-6% range for his age, but his head circumference is like in the 12% range, which is very good. His wellness visit was also a pre-op physical and I was reading the paperwork that got faxed to his eye doctor and under mouth, nose and ears our doctor said Aidan's looked "unremarkable". NICE!

Aidan also had to have a CBC blood draw, as well as lead and lipil blood draws. Since his daddy had a heart attack in 2003 and his grandma (on Daddy's side) had one a few weeks ago, which confirmed that its genetic, and both probably caused by high lipil protein counts, the pediatrician wants to start now with monitoring Aidan's lipil counts. I was also concerned about anemia so that was checked as well.

At Aidan's wellness appointment he had his regular 1 year shots as well as another dose of Synagis for RSV. That shot was actually done in 2 shots so Aidan couldn't get his hep A shot. We had to go back to the pediatrician yesterday to get the hep A and while we were there he got his booster for flu and H1N1. While we were there I asked about his blood draw results. It was totally hectic in there yesterday so we didn't get to have a full review, however, Aidan's lipil count is slightly elevated and his iron is on the low side. The doctor said it wasn't anything to worry about but we will keep monitoring both. In about a month Aidan will have to have his iron checked again and see how that's going and I think they'll check his lipils again in like a year they said. Again, nothing high or low enough to be concerned but they are being monitored.

Aidan is also being transitioned off of formula and onto cow's milk and that will cause the iron to fluctuate. Did you know if you drink a lot of milk your iron will actually drop? I found that very interesting. We also got the go ahead to start more table foods along with eggs and peanut butter. My little baby is growing way too fast!!!

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Anonymous said...

Good Luck tomorrow Aidan!! I know you will do great! Try to stay calm Jaime!! I know I would be having a hard time with this too, but he is a trooper, so he will do fine.
Glad the appointment went well! He is getting so big! I have a friend who's little boy only weighed 16lbs at 1 year and he was full term!
I'll be thinking about you guys tomorrow.