Monday, March 8, 2010

So Much, So Proud

So much has happened since my last post I don't even know where to start. I've been logging in to Blogger and just staring at it. I read the blogs I follow but my blog has been lacking. Sorry. Let's see if I can catch up.

Tuesday, February 16th I found out my aunt took a very bad turn for the worse with her battle with cancer. A week prior she was given a month, on Monday she was given a few days, and on Tuesday they weren't sure she'd make it another day. Aidan and I flew to Maine on Wednesday and I got to say goodbye a mere 7 hours before she passed away. I spent 10 days in Maine being with family. Chris couldn't get the time off work, which was hard, I missed my husband so much. But the time with family was nice.

I came home on Saturday, February 27th and just soaked in the time with my husband and son.

Monday I went to work and catalog production started. I held on tight and started working. Somewhere in there, can't remember what days exactly but Aidan got another RSV shot. I thought it was his last but they are going to push with the insurance company to get him vaccinated up until May. He also had his NICU follow up appointment in Baltimore. We saw the doctor that admitted Aidan into the NICU, Dr. Falk. She's pretty and kinda spunky and reminds me of a blonde Cuddy from House.

His appointment went amazingly well! He's just below 20 lbs. at like 19 lbs. 12 oz. and is 29" tall. He's in the 75th percentile on the preemie chart, which is where he's consistently been at over the past year. Aidan will be 15 months old on March 14th. His adjusted age is 1 year. Aidan is consistently at 12 months developmentally with everything according to Dr. Falk. However, Aidan has started the "terrible twos". YUP! Our little man is smart. The doctor even said! Hehe. In fact Aidan's communicative skills are very advanced. She said they are in the 13 1/2 to 16 month range. (Each month has certain "goals" and Aidan has a few in each month up to 16 months.) Because he's so advanced in this area, he throws temper tantrums. He uses these little tantrums to tell us he doesn't like something and he gets very frustrated because he doesn't have the words to tell us. Funny how proud I am of his little "moments". I completely look at them in a totally different light! I knew he was smart, but I thought he was a little behind with the talking... guess not!

Fast forward to this past weekend. It was NUTS! Our friend from Mass came to visit. She brought someone with her, an old co-worker of Chris's and they hadn't seen each other in like 10 years. We had a great time, visited DC and hung out telling jokes and having a few drinks. Some crazy stuff went down with our friends Sunday morning... I'm not about to go into it on a public blog, but holy crap! Everyone is ok, no one is hurt and that's what's important. And well, because of what happened our friend "gets" to come see us again at the end of April! hehe

And now today. Aidan had his 1 year evaluation with the Early Development people, the coordinator, the occupational therapist and the physical therapist were all here and it was a full review with lots of paper work. Melanie, the PT, will be visiting us once a month to work on Aidan's gross motor skills. He's not behind his adjusted age, but that is where he is laking the most. She's going to help us get him standing unassisted and walking. Again, they said his cognitive and his communication was amazing. AND!!!! Mary, the OT, who has visited us once a month since Aidan was 3 months old told us that Aidan no longer needed her. How bittersweet. She's so nice and has helped us so much, but Aidan has graduated from her services. He is at 14 months age for grasping and 13 months for visualizing and reacting. We just have to work on putting together shape puzzle toys and stacking blocks.

I am soooo proud of my little man. He has grown so much in the past 2 weeks. He's crawling, pulling up on things, walking behind his firetruck toy, and learning so much every day. He says kitty along with Mum, Dada, Hi and Bye. And tonight in the tub he learned where his toes are. Boy was he excited when I asked where they were and he grabbed his little foot and pulled it out of the water. He's a silly little boy and I love his personality!

So, I think I've caught you all up to speed. Now it's time for me to finish catching up on watching the DVR'd episodes of Idol... night all!

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