Thursday, May 6, 2010

Home Adjustments

Well, we wanted to sell our house. We were prepared to sit in it with a for sale sign out front for a while, I don't want to leave my job and the prospect of moving and keeping my job is a possibility later in the year or early next year. Well, we're staying put for a while. The economy in Maryland is still really bad. Foreclosures are at an all time high and with the new home owner tax incentive, buyers are looking at foreclosures before they even glance at a house that needs to sell at a profit! We were informed that our house will not appraise for anything we want for an asking price, the house across the pond started out for sale at $206,000 and ended up selling for $159,000! That's scary!
But before finding out all this info, we started making little adjustments to the house to make it more buyer friendly... basically fresh paint. I'm glad we didn't spend much money because had I known what I know now, I wouldn't have bought 5 gallons of cheap flat paint and turned 90% of the house to off white... I would have added color I wanted!

We still have the original 1984 dark wood trim in the house, and the kitchen looked really boxed in, everything was framed. So I painted that trim white. I think when I get the gumption I'll be painting the rest of the trim! It looks so good! However, it left my kitchen VERY white. All appliances are white, the floor is white with a very subtle blue print on it, the dinning room has off white carpet... VERY WHITE!

Since I NEEDED color, I made new curtains for the door window and a valance for the window above the sink. I absolutely love the fabric I found.
Now that we're staying put for who knows how long (FYI: Aidan will NOT go to Talbot County public schools past elementary school!), so as we can we're going to make the adjustments to the house to be what we like and want.

Now here's my dilemma... I love the light green in the fabric and would like to add that to the kitchen. However, the kitchen and dinning room is really just one big room, only divide in the linoleum to carpet and the previous owners left the wood paneling in the dinning room. (????) I'd really like to walk in there right now and just tear it down, but I really don't know what's behind it! I'm pretty sure there is sheet rock, but what if there isn't? What if they used glue on the sheet rock and when I rip down the paneling I rip out a chunk of the sheet rock? I really don't want big holes in my wall and sheet rock isn't in our budget right now. So the paneling stays for now.
I don't really want the whole kitchen and dinning room green, but where do I put the green? Where do I start and stop? Is one accent wall enough? And which one should it be?

The photo is of the great divide. They even left the trim until the kitchen starts.

Anyone got any suggestions? Below is a diagram of my kitchen. Imagine the right side going down the hall (we have a ranch so anyone with a 1 story ranch knows the exact layout of our house!). The box on the bottom is the washer/dryer closet and a closet we use for the trash and vacuum and what not. The big opening on the bottom goes into the living room. The great divide is across from that. The short wall on the right is where the stove is and also the main entrance. The photo above of the white trim you can see the door and the washer/dryer closet, that is the short wall's corner. Across from the big opening there is also a window (just to the left of the great divide).

So won't all my readers add their input on how to fix my dinning room and kitchen and where to put the green? Heck, is green even the right color to use? I'd love to read what you have to say!!! THANKS!

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Kristy said...

Jaime, if it was me, I would put a nice white moulding/trim vertically down the Great divide from ceiling to floor. Then, I would paint all the paneling the green colour you like, and I would do the rest of the trim in white.
If you don't like that, one accent wall is definitely enough.

I love your curtain fabric!