Thursday, May 20, 2010

Little Traveler

My son is amazing!

Just thought you all should be aware of that. And I'm not just biased either!!! He really is. In the past week we have taken him to a huge mall and shopped for over 4 hours, taken him to Washington DC and spent the day at the National Zoo and then browsed the monuments for a while, taken him into and out of DC via train and the boy has remained happy and smiling throughout the whole time! Even if he got tired, he would just nap in his stroller. We have had so much fun, here's a few photos to prove it!

At the mall riding on a mechanical boat...

On the train into DC, sitting with Daddy

At the National Zoo with Mom... That's Grammie and Grammie V in the background
Taking a nap after the zoo and on our way back to the train to go to the monuments

Wide eyed and refreshed near Washington Monument

I seriously could not have been more blessed, or more impressed with our little traveler!

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Lindsey said...

Yay Aidan! He is ready to see the world. Every time I see that ticker on the side that tells me how old he is I am shocked. How can he be nearly 18 months old already??!! He is such an adorable little man.