Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Growing Up Too Fast...

It's been a really long time since I posted about what Aidan has accomplished lately. In fact, I searched high and low just to try and find out when his first 2 teeth finally popped through. Luckily I had gloated about it to an online message board a couple days after it happened so I now know it was in February!
Aidan is 18 months old. Time is flying. It's time for me to write down what is happening before I forget and it's just a distant memory in the life of a toddler.

Aidan is not walking yet. However, he is VERY close. He creeps around everything and can and will go anywhere as long as there is something to hold on to, whether it's a laundry basket, a push toy, a wall or your finger. We are encouraging him every day to gain the confidence to let go. He has taken up to four steps alone but it's usually in a mad dash to grab a hold of something. And he stands by himself, not holding on to anything a lot, but when he realizes it, he grabs hold of something. And the funniest thing is that if he's mad at something, he stands the best. It's like all his energy is focused on a little "fit" that he forgets to hold on. And the fit usually consists of a grunt with a clenching of the fists and some babbling.
Lots of mumbo jumbo babbling. I'm sure he knows exactly what he's trying to get across to us, but there are no words in there! He does however say a few words when he feels like it. If you prompt him to say something he smiles and acts shy. However, if he feels like saying something he will. As of right now he says: Hi, Bye (sounds like bahhh), Mum, Daddy, Kitty, Tickle Tickle, Broom Broom (anything with wheels is a broombroom) and Chicken.

Aidan loves to color and write. He has an easel which is way too big for him but he stands on his tip toes and writes with chalk along the bottom of the chalk board.
He also loves music! He has two microphones and he sings into them, it's really cute. His dancing has gone from tipping his head back and forth, to bobbing it up and down like a head banger, to adding a little sticking in and out the belly with the head bobs, and recently with his standing skills, he's added bending the legs and dancing with his whole body.

And everything is a drum to him. He knocks on everything and anything that can be used as a drum stick, is! It's the best when he bangs on his little drum while nodding his head.

He's getting very good at puzzle type things like putting shapes in their spots. His favorite thing is to put dog food in the dog puzzle. Jessie has a toy that you can put food into either end via a small hole about a half inch in diameter. Aidan sits and puts food in it for Jessie.

Aidan has a farm book and he knows where the chickens, pigs, and sheep are. He points to each one and then grabs our fingers and has us point to each one.
Shortly after 1 year he decided he was done with a bottle and would only take a sippy cup. Granted they are the 1st stage NUK sippy cups and he's still using those ones, but no more bottle. He doesn't care for any other sippy cup, he'll use them sometimes, but prefers the NUK ones. I'm not too concerned because he does excellent with a straw. So during the day we use the spill proof cups with a straw and the sippy cup at naps and bed time.
Aidan is so sweet! He wakes in the morning and wraps his arms around us and lays his head on our shoulders and just relaxes and wakes up.
He gives wonderful kisses. He's been giving kisses for a while, but you always had to ask for them or prompt him. On Father's Day, I was holding Aidan and he leaned towards Chris and smooched him right on the mouth. Of course I cried! And it made Chris' day. We did ask Aidan to do it, he just decided to give his dad a kiss. It was so cute!

And today he started adding the fish face to the kiss and gave the dog lots of fish face kisses on the head.
At Aidan's 18 month wellness appointment he was 20 pounds 7 ounces and 30 3/4" tall. He's slipping of the charts a bit weight wise but his height is great so we're not concerned.

Like I said in the beginning, I couldn't remember when he got his first 2 teeth. I remember they came in together and it was after his first birthday. A little research revealed that his first 2 bottom teeth came in a little before Valentine's Day. His teeth are taking their sweet time getting here and last night while getting in his pajamas I noticed his top gums looked almost purple. There has been a bulge up there forever! But that top tooth has finally popped through!!! We can actually feel the little sliver of tooth!!!

And lastly... we're taking Aidan to get his hair cut TODAY! He has very silly hair, and it's not like he has a lot, it's just long in random places. It's pretty long on the top and it's gotten to the point where it tries to be curly, but it's too long so it's just weird wavy. He has a curl on the back of his head and a patch of thicker hair, it looks like a duck tail. It flips right up. And then it's really short on the sides of his head EXCEPT right behind his ears. There are 2 patches on either side behind his ears that are like 3 inches long. And it's those patches that called for the hair appointment. It's just a little too unruly, if it doesn't curl it looks like he's got a mullet and if it does curl it's just silly! Pictures to come along with a full post all about the hair cut experience!
Overall, Aidan is doing amazingly well. He makes me smile and laugh every day! He is silly and fun and such a GOOD boy!!! We can take him anywhere and he doesn't complain. He loves new places and new people and is so curious about life and the world. I love being able to see the world for the first time all over again through him!

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lindsey said...

I love this big post! Aidan is doing so well and just gets cuter, which doesn't even seem possible. Isn't it the best when they lay their heads on our shoulders? I love that.

On the walking thing - he is so close! I was just talking with a friend about his daughter who is a few months older than Aidan. She was doing the same thing as Aidan in that she was so close to walking alone but seemed hesitant. They ended up rolling up a towel lengthwise and putting it under her arms so that it came around her torso and Dad was holding the ends. He then walked behind her like that so she could start to feel that motion. They did that just a few times and she was walking on her own! Might be something to try.

XOXO! Aidan is a doll.