Friday, June 25, 2010

Update on Update...

In the days since posting Aidan's update I have seen him do so much more. Some things he has done for weeks or days and others just recently. So here they are:

  • Aidan knows where his toes, belly, head and nose are!
  • He grabbed my toes this morning and said "tickle tickle"!
  • He can put on shoes, just not his own yet. But he knows where they go and tries really hard!
  • He can take off his pants! He got hot at work the other day and I glanced over and he had no pants on!
  • He plugs his nose to try to make pig noises. He doesn't realize he needs to breath in to make the noise, but he tries really hard!
  • He blows raspberries on his arm and any bare skin he finds on me or Chris!
  • Yesterday he was hot and his hair was sweaty so I blew on it. He instantly started blowing back at me!
  • He also blew on his pancakes after seeing me do it!
  • He can whistle! He tries all the time and has for like a month. His form is perfect but the sound is hit or miss.
  • He can blow kisses! Well, it looks more like he's catching them but it's still really cute!
  • Another tooth has slipped through on top!!! Within a few days we'll have a total of 4 teeth!!!
  • Yesterday at work my boss took Aidan into the house, on the way back out they passed a shelf that had duck decoys on it (I work for an antique duck decoy auction firm, he sees ducks every day!). Aidan pointed as they went by and said "duh". Gary was super excited and immediately told me. He said it was a definite point to a duck and really sounded like duck!!!
  • And just this morning Aidan put two words together!!! Well, I'm pretty sure he did... he said "broombroom mumma". It really sounded like he was asking me for a broombroom which is his word for anything with wheels!!!

He's growing up sooooo fast! He's just amazing!

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