Tuesday, August 3, 2010

My Growing Boy!

Time is going to quickly... you really realize it when you're blogging. Time slips by and you haven't blogged in nearly forever and so many things happen with your little one. Here's a recap from early July.
The 4th Aidan started walking. He hasn't slowed down once and if I thought he'd keep it on him, I'd attach a pedometer to see how many steps that little many takes! I swear he doesn't stop except to eat and nap, and we're lucky we still get 2 of those most days.
Chris got this picture of Aidan before we headed to New England. Chris was trying out some different lighting techniques and Aidan was on the bed. Every time Chris put the camera up to his face he'd get this huge smile from Aidan... he just had to seize the moment and capture that sweet darling face forever!

Somewhere in there (haven't in another computer) Aidan's top teeth popped through. As of last week we were up to 4... and now we have 6! He has 2 back teeth up top that have popped through in the past 5 days. He seems to always get two at a time. He's an angel about it though. He hasn't been too cranky and it hasn't really disturbed his sleep. The only difference I notice is if he's tired, he acts like the world is ending with temper tantrums being a little longer and louder and his eating habits change a bit. One day he barely eats anything, I suspect because his gums hurt, and then the next he'll eat everything in his sight!

Speaking of eating...while at Grammie's and Grammie V's house last week in Maine Aidan tried some new food! His new favorite snack is cheese curls. He also had black berry pie and ice cream. I had offered him ice cream many times in the past and he never seemed to care for it. But while with his grammies he enjoyed it and really quite savored it. He would put it in his mouth and tip his head back and slightly close his eyes and enjoyed the taste as it melted.

Aidan also over came a huge obstacle in his little life! Dirty hands!!! Aidan HATES having dirt on his hands. If he falls from walking outside he'll just sit there, not complaining, but not getting up because he will not put his hands on the ground to push himself back up. This made going to the beach a little difficult. How was I suppose to play in the sand with him if he couldn't handle dirt on his hands? Well, last week Aidan learned to brush off his hands! Now every time he stands up he brushes off his hands, whether dirty or not. It's really cute! And he also played in the sand. Took a bit, but once he started scooping with a spoon and dumping into a bowl, well, that was just too fun and he played in the dirt for like an hour!

The physical therapist came on the 14th and she's not sure she's even going to come in August, may just check in on us in September and then not come at all unless we ask. Our little man is going to graduate from early intervention!!!! I don't think I could be any prouder!

Aidan has a NICU follow up in Baltimore tomorrow, I'm really looking forward to seeing what they have to say. I know they're going to say he's still behind because he's not stacking more than 3 blocks, but seriously, the boy can put together 6+ legos, can scribble with a pen or pencil, and last night figured out how to plug head phones into the headphone jack. I honestly don't think he has any interest in boring ol' blocks! I've got to get a list of words written down so I'm prepared when they ask, I always forget about a bunch.

Oh! And Aidan finally got to meet my college friend Nikki and her 2 girls, Lily and Hailey. Hailey is 4 months older than Aidan and we were really impressed to see that Aidan is only about 3 inches shorter. There is quite a difference in development, but not much size wise. Hailey is much sturdier on her feet and walking up and down stairs and she's talking a lot more than Aidan. Aidan would babble his language to her, he was trying so hard to talk to her and she kept yelling "WHAT? WHAT?" and Lily would say "What did you say? I guess I don't understand baby!" It was so sweet! Aidan was pretty smitten by Little Miss Hailey as well, I'd say it was his first crush!
My boy is growing so fast. He's learning something new every day and I just love to see him smile, laugh and love life. Last night he walked up to me in the kitchen, wrapped his arms around my legs and layed his head on my knees and gave me a smile. His hugs melt my heart and it doesn't matter what has happened through out the day, in that moment he is all that matters and he is beautiful and I love him so!

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