Tuesday, August 10, 2010

NICU Follow Up

Aidan had his NICU follow up on Aug. 4th. It went WONDERFULLY!!! It was terribly long, but the results were great. We left work at 1:30, grabbed a bite to eat and headed to Baltimore. We arrived about 3:15 and signed in. It was crowded and busy and they got us right back to check on insurance info and get the co-pay. Then we sat in the waiting room. Aidan did pretty well but it was so crowded I didn't want him running all around. We were called in the back for the height and weight check. Aidan weighs 21 lbs and they say he's 30.25 inches tall, but at his pedi appointment he was 30.75 inches... I don't believe he's shrunk, I think he was shrugging his shoulders! Then they sent us back out to the waiting room... where we sat.... and sat....

(photo is Aidan in the stroller on the way into University Hospital)

Finally we were called in the back, normally a doctor (usually Dr. Falk or Dr. Delkarien) comes in and does the full evaluation and exam. This time they sent in a young girl that did the evaluation. She was great with Aidan though and he really liked her. She checked his skills and had him do a bunch of stuff and then she asked if he could use a zipper.... um... I don't know! It dawned on me that he's never tried and I never offered. So she said Aidan was basically caught up, however because he can't zip a zipper it's holding him back. She left and asked us to wait for the doctor.

(Photo is of Aidan with his very 1st juice box! And yes, different clothes, I slipped him into something easier to deal with since they kept sending us back to the waiting room)

When she left the room I pulled out my wallet and showed Aidan the zipper... and taught him how to zip. It took about 30 seconds and he loved unzipping the wallet and trying to pull out the change. The girl that did the evaluation felt bad that we had been waiting so long and stopped back by with a juice box and some goldfish crackers. And I took the opportunity to tell her he could zip! She watched him do it and laughed and said she was going to check it off the check list and....

Aidan has caught up!!!!!!!!

The doctor came in, and it wasn't one we knew and Aidan wasn't sure if he liked her or not. She tried to tell me his ankles were tight, but mine were too, it was nearly 6 pm! We finally finished about 6:30 and headed back home. We got home about 7:30... 6 hours gone for a doctor's appointment is a little ridiculous!

But Aidan has caught up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No more adjusting for his prematurity. Aidan will be 19 months in 4 days and that's it...no more explaining... he's 19 months! We knew Aidan would do things at his own pace, and I'm often asked why does it matter if he's behind or if you have to adjust. But to us, it's just a great accomplishment that Aidan has caught up. We are very proud. They told us to expect a year and a half to two years to be developmentally on track and it was exactly a year and a half. We'll still have NICU follow ups for a while, next one is scheduled for December 15th, he'll be 2 years old 1 day! Time is flying and it's absolutely amazing. I love being his mommy!!!

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