Thursday, September 9, 2010


It amazed me every day to see everything that Aidan was learning when he was first home from the NICU. It seemed like every time we turned around he was bigger, stronger and doing something new, whether it was smiling, laughing, holding his head up or anything. But none of that seemed to fly by as fast as things are going now!

Now that he has officially "caught up" and we no longer adjust for age, I swear this boy is changing on a daily basis! And while I'm so proud of him, I'd really like to tell him to slow down!

He has 6 teeth now, got two top molars in at the same time.

He doesn't just walk, he runs and has started climbing stairs without crawling up them. He still needs a hand if it's a big step, but he can walk into the house just holding on to the door frame.

Not only can he find the ball when you ask him where it is, but he can throw and kick the ball and exclaims "BALL" every time he finds one.

If you say thank you to him he replies with an affirmative "mmhmm".

Yesterday he started saying "keys" while finding any keys anywhere and putting them to the front door knob. He doesn't try to lock any others, just the door we use.

He knows that if Jessie (the dog) comes in from outside she gets a treat. Aidan waits at the door with Jessie waiting for me to give him the treat to give to the dog. And since Jessie is kenneled when we are not home, upon return Aidan goes directly to the kennel and tries to open it to let her out. And I'm also pretty sure yesterday while playing with the dog he was calling her "Jesh", which we often call her Jess.

He shakes his head no when he does something he shouldn't, and he often puts himself to bed. If he's tired he'll look around the house for his paci and his blankie and then lead me to his room. He then takes my hand and puts it in the crib. I place him in the crib and he either takes a nap or goes down for the night.

He really is amazing! A few weeks ago Chris commented that he is "almost half way to school age"... this was not a good comment to make while I was driving because tears started streaming down my face. He's not even 2 yet, but he is SO CLOSE to 2, and before we know it he will be 4, then 8, then, oh gosh 16! I can't handle it! SLOW DOWN!!!

Here he is with his very first ice cream cone all to himself. Didn't even make a huge mess. Very impressive!

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Anonymous said...

Oh Jaime! I understand what you are saying 100%. They grow way too fast! Talking about going to school makes me very sad. Maybe I will home-school, just so I can keep him with me a little longer! We have recently been discussing moving him into his big boy bed, and while I think he would love it, I also just want him to stay a baby longer. I think I need another one!