Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Falling Into Inspirations

Are you aware of how many really cool women bloggers are on the web? There are a ton! There are a few that I check on every single day, some I stumble across from a link from another blog, there are some I discover by searching for different things on the web. Some are real life friends, some would be real life friends if we didn't live so darn far apart, some are women that have experienced similar things that I have, whether it's infertility or a miscarriage. All have them have made me look at life differently. All have inspired me in one way or another.

Lately my inspiration has come from Joy's Hope. Julie has an amazing outlook on life, on motherhood, and crafts. I know just from her blog she's a genuine person, and funny to boot! I know we'd be hanging out, drinking Starbucks, chatting, with "her boyfriend" Dave playing in the background (Dave Matthews Band that is)... IF she didn't live on the other coast!

You see, she's a California Girl through and through, and she loves the sun and sand and isn't such a big fan of fall... well, until recently it seems, according to her latest posts. I've been reading her posts about fall and decorating, and following her links to her guest blogging at other sites, and reading about their decorating and love of fall and I've been truly inspired!

Down here in Maryland, fall stinks! Sometimes the temperature feels like fall around the high 60's low 70's, and then there are days like yesterday and today where it's still in the high 80's, low 90's. The leaves haven't changed colors, and even if they did, they would be dull shades of "dead leaves". This is just unacceptable for a girl born and raised in Maine! I get incredibly home sick in the fall. It's even hard to find a Macintosh apple around here, never mind a Cortland apple! Cortlands are my favorite, crisp and tart and perfect for pie!

So today I decided I needed to start decorating for fall as well! I need to bring a touch of what I love about this season in to the house. So bouncing around from website to website, image searches, and blogs I found some great easy and thrifty crafts and went to town!

Literally... I went to town and went to the dollar store and to Walmart. I bought candles, candle holders, candy corn... and a few other supplies for another project that involves pine cones and spray paint! If you follow Joy's Hope, you'll know what my plan is... sort of... I have a little twist I'll be adding!

But today I did this!

This mirror has a tiny shelf so I had to get pretty small candle holders, but I really wanted votives in them. So these are about 4" tall and there are actually 2 votives in each, stacked on top of each other. I used about 1/3 bag of candy corn, total cost for this project, approximately $4 for both! Glass jars $1 each, votives were 3 for $1 and candy corn was $1.88 a bag.
Then I did this one as well!

I had the Mason jars from canned tomatoes my grandmother gave me, by the way, the canned tomatoes are in the yummy spaghetti sauce I made today as well! Aidan and I went out and gathered the acorns at the park. I purchased the candles at the dollar store, 50 cents each. Platter was $3 at Walmart, so this cool natural looking centerpiece cost $4.50.
This weekend I hope to add the finished pine cone project to the inside of the house and some pumpkins and mums, and maybe some corn stalks as well to the outside. Ahhh... fall!


Trying Again said...

Really cute! I will have to take some inspiration from you for some crafts this fall!

Julie @ Joy's Hope said...

I'm not going to lie... I am super jealous that you can go out and gather acorns for free. Dumb California... :)