Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Aidan had 2 evaluations recently. One a week ago with the physical therapist and one yesterday with the early intervention coordinator who did a complete review.

How did the physical therapy go? Well, physical therapy has been cancelled! NO MORE! He's caught up with his gross motor. The only thing to work on there is walking up and down stairs without help and jumping, those are 24-26 month skills and Aidan is already going up stairs with little help.

How did the full evaluation go? This boy WILL NOT stack 3 or more blocks! That is like a 14 months skill and he has never done it! They've accepted that he's done it with us casually, but is basically beyond block building and would rather do something else that's more fun. He did great putting together shape puzzles, he needed to put 10 blocks in a bag and he put in 20. He didn't stop until they were all picked up. He pointed to the things he needed to in the books, he said what he needed to say, he overall did great!

I guess a 16 month skill is to drink from a cup with some spillage... um... Aidan has tons of energy and gets very excited when doing something the grown ups do, we haven't even attempted cups without covers yet! Guess we'll need to get brave and get the bibs and towels out!

Aidan should be close to 20 words now and soon should be putting 2 words together. As I tried to list all the words Aidan knows, I forgot a bunch! So before I forget again you're getting them listed to you!

  1. Mum & Mumma
  2. Dada & Daddy
  3. Hi
  4. Bye & bahbye
  5. Sheee = See Ya
  6. doggy
  7. kitty
  8. chickenchicken
  9. tickletickle
  10. cockle = what a chicken says
  11. keys
  12. hot
  13. hat
  14. ball
  15. Shoes (although he says it with his mouth completely shut)

And then there are his environmental sounds or words:

  1. Vroom vroom - for anything with wheels.
  2. clicking with his tongue to call the kitties.Eurrrrr - a screeching noise when in the car and we go around corners - yah, love that one, makes me sound like a crazy driver, which I am not!
  3. MmHmm - When you thank him this is his affirmative response as if to say "you're welcome".
  4. Uhoh!
  5. Oooo - as in oo la la, especially when he sees pumpkins, he loves them and exclaims "ooo".
  6. Ow! - He rarely gets hurt, even when falling and skinning his knee, he has a very high pain threshold, yet he knows there are two ways to use "ow". He bumped his head and said "OW!" while rubbing it, it clearly made him mad that he bumped his head. And then there is when he's getting into something he's not suppose to and you pick him up and remove him from the situation. He now whines "ooowwww" and will rub his arm. This amazes me, he's already pulling at our heartstrings and trying to get away with stuff! We clearly didn't hurt him by picking him up, but we did interrupt him and he didn't like that!
I think that's all of them... for now!

Oh and Sue from early intervention suggested we teach him a few signs to help him communicate what he wants; help, more and done. After showing Aidan about 3 times each for more and done, he signs them! Tonight at dinner he asked for more by signing and then after another bite signed that he was done. It's not completely on his own, but if I sign to him and ask if he wants more or if he's done, he'll sign back what he wants. He's a smart little cookie!

They say head size is a sign of brain size. Aidan's head circumference is in like the 30th percentile while his height and weight are are under 10% and today we bought him a new knit hat for winter. Aidan wears 12 month size pants, 18 month size shirts and pajamas. We were shocked that I couldn't even begin to get the size 12-18 month hat on his head. We had to buy a size 2T-5T hat!!! It's slightly big, but doesn't fall over his eyes! He's our little genius!

And I know you're wondering where the pictures are... so here ya go!

Posing at Idlewild Park in Easton 9/25/10 photo courtesy of Daddy!

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