Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Inspiration... Right Out the Door!

Remember these...

Yah, there is a reason why nature is OUTDOORS!

I was sitting at the table, piecing together a quilt for Aidan (post & pics to come when finished) and something caught my eye. I kept looking at the Mason jars full of acorns but thought I was loosing my mind. Acorns can not move!

However, the giant larvae creeping in the bottom of the jars can! BLEHCK!!!

I almost didn't post about the nastiness, but this comment from Julie... "I'm not going to lie... I am super jealous that you can go out and gather acorns for free. Dumb California... :)", I decided I better fess up! - yah, not so dumb California anymore! Nasty Maryland is more like it!!!

My skin crawls thinking about it. The jars were immediately taken outside and dumped over the fence and into the pond! Then they were brought inside, to the sink, filled with scalding hot water and Dawn with bleach alternative to soak for a full day before going in the dish washer!

Gross gross gross!

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Miss J said...

oh that made me gag a little bit...and laugh, it's something that would happen to me...trying to be all artsy, and i bring bugs into the house. oh least you tried something new! :)