Monday, January 3, 2011

Another New Year

Another new year is upon us and I've started another blog. Go figure right... Seems I'm always starting them, and then deleting them. However, this time it's a New Year's Resolution so let's see how long I can keep it.

I want to become a better writer. Instead of just blogging more on this blog, I've decided to push myself a little more on another blog. This blog is about our family, and about Aidan. And while I have a lot to say about Aidan, this blog tends to be ramblings. Fun, but ramblings.

My new blog is to encourage me to think about my writing. I have found a website that gives a photo a day to write about. 365 days of photograph prompts. I'm really excited to start this. I haven't committed myself to writing all 365 days of the year, I'm not that silly! But my goal to start is to write at least 2 times a week. Just to get my brain warmed up and the thoughts flowing. Who knows, maybe I can work on tying all entries together and writing a book... but let's not get ahead of myself!

I'll add the link to the new blog over on the side, but for today's post you can have it here...

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