Thursday, January 13, 2011


I wrote this on the other blog as well, But wanted to share here.

Three days ago our 4 year old Boxer/Lab mix tore the ligaments in her knee jumping out of our van. Within minutes she began limping, we thought maybe she landed wrong and let her rest for a few hours. It became clear to us that she didn't just step on a rock wrong, she was clearly in pain. I called the vet and booked her in the next available appointment at 5:30 that evening.

The vet knew right away what she did and we were faced with two options. Surgery or no surgery. We were then given an estimate for the surgery and sent home with pain meds for Jess.
Luckily we didn't have to make a rush decision, but we do have to make one. If we do the surgery it's going to cost us about $2000. She'll be "like new" if all goes well. If we don't opt for the surgery the pain will cease in a week or two, she will use that leg again, but we run the risk of more damage to that knee, or the other leg, and arthritis setting in quicker.

It's such a hard decision. And in honesty, there is no decision to be made. While I want to book her for surgery right away, we can not. There is absolutely no way we can afford the $2ooo. That is more than our mortgage payment. We just can not afford it.

It breaks my heart to see Jessie lying on the floor with no desire to play. She just looks sad. The pain medication is helping, and since we can not do the surgery, they will give us stronger medication for her to take for anther week. I feel guilty that we can not do this for her, but we also need to be able to keep a roof over all of our heads too. If only that money tree would grow out back!

By the way... this is Jessie:


Miss J said...

oh, this breaks my heart. Kevin and I always talk about how far would we go for the dog, etc. I hear ya, $2k is a lot of money! I wonder if it would do any good to get a second opinion? I've never heard of surgery on a dog for that sort of thing!
Anyway, hope Jessie feels like playing soon :(

lindsey said...

Oh honey - I am so sorry for Jesse and for you to be in this position. I can tell how difficult this is for you and I completely understand. Try to comfort yourself by knowing that a non-domesticated dog would just keep on going and would heal up just fine and Jesse will too. Sending you and Jesse lots of love! And my dog, Nikko, says "woof, woof! woof woof woof!" to Jesse. Not sure what that means but I'm sure Jesse will understand. XOXO!

Chi-town mom said...

Sorry to just have seen this! So sorry to hear about your poor pooch. I hope she is doing a little better now.