Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Infertility Slaps Me in the Face Again

So, here it is just about 4 years since our first visit with a Reproductive Endocrinologist. We haven't even thought about our infertility (that much) since getting pregnant with Aidan. You figure Aidan is 2 and I was pregnant for 6 months, so we haven't even thought about our infertility for 2 and a half years. Yet, it manages to slap me right in the face yesterday!

We've been pursuing different insurance - which has been a 2 month battle to find out that Chris and I are "uninsurable".

According to the letter we received yesterday, our preexisting conditions are the reason behind the denial of coverage. And we can understand the reasoning behind Chris being denied. He did have a heart attack at age 26 and about every 3 years he goes and has a check up and a stress test to make sure the stent is still doing it's job. So yah, he does have a preexisting condition.

However this is how the letter read my reasoning:

"Jaime - infertility."

Yup. That's it. Ok, so it is a pre-existing condition. But we have unexplained, meaning really we might not be infertile. And well it was never said that it was MY FAULT (nor my husband's) I couldn't get pregnant. But I had all the procedures done on me, so it must be my condition.

And another kicker... the insurance we were applying for doesn't cover any infertility treatments AND doesn't even offer maternity coverage!!!! So why the heck does it matter that I'm infertile if you don't cover fertility treatments, and even if you did, you won't cover the pregnancy?

Ugh! Seriously?

So that's my rant, and here's what I'd like a few insurance companies to realize:

1. MYTH: Infertility is a woman's problem. - 40% women, 40% men, 20% both!


2. MYTH: Most people get pregnant very easily - 10%-15% of couples experience infertility!

And it's a real shame that bad behavior ruins things for the good people! I called and complained and our insurance rep told us it's ridiculous and I was the 2nd person to be denied in the past 2 months because of fertility issues. She explained that I am at risk because they don't want a fertility treatment claim. And when I argued that it wasn't covered she said it didn't matter because so many people have sued insurance companies for not paying claims, even if the insurance didn't cover it in the first place.

So the note I left on the application about not seeking any fertility treatments because we wouldn't have maternity coverage meant nothing to them. They just denied me.

Jaime + Infertility = Uninsurable.

Infertility sucks!