Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Myth Busters: The Infertility Episode (kinda)

Myth: Infertility, It's the Woman's Fault.
April 24th through the 30th is National Infertility Awareness Week. Blogger's Unite is blogging this week to bust some infertility myths. There were many different myth's that I could have chosen to write about to help bust them, but this one is still fresh on my mind, and I'm still feeling quite bitter about it! And while I've already blogged about this, I'll try not to let this just be another rant post.
At the beginning of this year my husband and I applied for private insurance. We no longer had employer covered insurance and needed our own plan. After some research on prices we decided to cut some costs and apply for an insurance that did not have fertility coverage, nor did it cover maternity. Even though another child is hopefully in our future, we decided that now is not the time so it wouldn't be an issue to have insurance that didn't cover maternity. And if it didn't cover maternity, we definitely wouldn't be seeking fertility aid while on this insurance. (Besides, we still really hope that our unexplained infertility has "fixed" itself and we won't experience secondary infertility, but that's a whole other bridge to cross when we get there.)
So, here we are applying for insurance and we have to fill out our medical history for the past 5 years. And well, yes, I've been on medication, I've been hospitalized, I've even had surgery... for infertility. Other than that, I haven't even seen a medical doctor. And my husband has been beside me the entire way. He was just lucky that he only had to have a sperm analysis which came back absolutely fine. Testing done with the hubby.
All my tests came back fine as well. No endo, no blocked tubes, nothing wrong with my insides or my outsides for that matter... we just couldn't get pregnant.
So we have an IUI. I have a miscarriage, so then I have a D&C. Again, while my husband is beside me feeling many of the same emotions, I am the one having the medical treatments done to my body.
After a couple months we finally hear back from the insurance company.
It's heart wrenching. We specifically applied for insurance where this shouldn't have been an issue, yet they don't want a claim. I called to complain and they told me that it doesn't matter if they say it's not covered, people still file claims, file lawsuits and in the end the insurance company has to pay for the infertility coverage that they don't cover.
I absolutely hate that WE were "diagnosed" with UNexplained infertility, yet the insurance company only see's the treatments I went through.
It sickens me that there are so many people out there that file (technically) fraudulent insurance claims and make the insurance company pay anyway, therefore ruining it for people that just need medical insurance.
And it really bothers me that insurance companies just want to make a buck! I'm paying for the coverage, coverage I probably won't even use, because other than the fertility treatments and maternity doctors visits and delivery, I haven't seen a doctor in like 4 years! I went once for vertigo, and once for a sinus infection... that's it! But nope, that's not good enough. They are afraid they'll have to pay a doctor for a treatment that I gave them money to pay for in the first place... wouldn't want to do that now would we!
So I have no health insurance... yes, I could apply for state insurance and they have to provide it to me, but they can charge what they want... and what they want is ridiculous!
I'm screaming it to the world, and submitting through Blogger's Unite and Resolve that seriously, it's not just the woman's fault. Infact, it's not a man's fault either. Sometimes it's both, sometime it's UNexplained. I really wish some insurance God would read this and fix it!
And if you're an insurance God or anyone that would like to know more about infertility, please visit Resolve. And if you'd like to participate with National Infertility Awareness Week visit NIAW. Help us raise awareness about Infertility and bust more myths about it!

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Tami said...

Thank you for sharing your story. I empathize with your frustration with insurance companies and their totally unreasonable policies. We, too, had "unexplained" infertility, which I think is the most frustrating diagnosis you can get because you don't know where to start to "fix" it.

Although we ended up with two children and they are now 19 and 20, the scars of infertility are still there. Bless you for being so willing to share and encourage others who are in the same spot.

God bless!