Friday, April 8, 2011

Updates in Shorts... Part 1

First things first. our house is for sale.

It's something that we've wanted to do for a while, but with the economy, it was never the right time. Well, since Chris loosing his job in November and going back to school, and things REALLY changing at my job, we decided it's time to bite the bullet and try to sell our house. We're moving back to New England.

While a VERY difficult decision, it's also what I know is best in my heart. We don't have any family down here, and our faux family is really my boss and his wife so it's not like they can babysit when I have to work, because they're working too. We need help. Sometimes you just need a grandparent, or an aunt, or some good o' friends around.

Aidan used to come to work with me 3 days a week and I worked from home the other 2. Well, now they've asked that I be in the office 5 days, which is understandable. But it's just not fair to Aidan to be in one office the entire 8 hours I'm at work. We've chosen what is best for our family is for Chris to not find another job, and be a stay at home dad on the days I'm working and he doesn't have school. The 2 days he does have school, I bring Aidan to work. But it's still not fair to Aidan. And we still need help!

The biggest disappointment is that we bought our little starter home in 2006.

Yah, that basically says it all! At the height of the real estate economy. Our house is now tax evaluated at more than $20k LESS than we paid, and compared to the current selling market... yah lets not go there! We are attempting a short sale.

While depressing to think about what it will do to our credit score, we know we're not the first family to have to come to this, and we won't be the last. And really, all in all, it will be better to be "back home".

I try not to think about leaving the job I've had for 10 years, or about leaving our first home where we had our first child. Instead I'm looking forward to starting a brand new adventure in a well known area! I miss my friends and family oh so much and can't wait to be able to call them up and have them come over for dinner without having to drive 6-12 hours! And I can't wait for Aidan to make friends of his own with our friend's children!

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lindsey said...

This is going to be such an adventure for your family and I believe you are absolutely doing the right thing. I am sorry that C lost his job and that things have been hard and I am very sorry about the short sale. But try not to worry. I really believe it will all work out and a year or two from now you will be so happy and settled and you will know you did right by your family. Lots of love to you and lots of support too! (P.S. Your house is so darn cute! Someone will snatch that up right away!)