Thursday, April 14, 2011

Updates in Shorts... Part 2

(Photo left with Ko Im from WBOC, Jaime, Aidan, Chris and Nicole from March of Dimes at the Assateague kickoff )

I can not believe that I haven't bragged... I mean, blogged about this already!

We have been chosen as the Ambassador family for the 2011 Eastern Shore of Maryland March for Babies!

Aidan's sweet little face is all over the internet, in a good way. He's been featured on the local and national March of Dimes website and newsletters. His story has been shared nationwide and his picture is on our local fundraising envelopes! Read his story here! March of Dimes

There are three March for Babies on the Eastern Shore of Maryland and I have spoken and shared Aidan's story at all three kickoff parties so far. Sunday, April 17th is the first walk in our area and we'll be there as a family representing the March of Dimes and the wonderful work they do. I'll also be giving "thank you" speeches at each walk. We've also made "guest appearances" at other team's fundraisers and I've been approached about doing an interview about Aidan and prematurity on WBOC the local news station.

In my speech I say, "To say we are proud of our son is an understatement..." and that grows more true every minute. I love seeing our son's face on our fundraising envelopes, and I love what Aidan is doing, without even knowing it. I absolutely love sharing his story! He is our little miracle afterall!

If you notice to the right, there is a March for Babies fundraising badge. Feel free to help contribute to such a worthy cause by donating to our March for Babies Family Team, appropriately called PRE(e)MI(e)UM WALKERS.

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