Friday, June 3, 2011

Insta-Friday S1:E1

So I read a blog, which links me to another blog, which links me to another blog and I end up loving them all. I absolutely love how so many blogs inspire me. And while we all know how well my writing is doing (or not doing), I'm trying another new blog thing.
I admire how many bloggers that I follow, blog VERY regularly. Something I can't seem to grasp no matter how much I try. But this may just get me going. It's called Insta-Friday. I'm copying Joy's Hope and Life Rearranged and using the instagram app on my iphone. I've always been envious of the cool looking photos, now I know how to get them! So here's my catch up on insta-friday.
Note: These were not all taken today. It's a catch up/intro post.
This is from today... it's my inspiration. By the way, if you're an instragram user, jsayers77 is my username, feel free to follow!
I also got this inspiration addiction from Joy's Hope as well. How can someone so sweet, teach you of such evil? I kid, but it's good!
The pup is ready to move! Here she is sitting so peacefully, watching us load of the van for the first moving trip to Massachusetts. She had a good time in New England too and I think she's going to like living there as much as I will!
This is me... with professional hair and make up for my small screen debut... or the local commercial for the cancer center... but seriously, I actually used my BA this day. And I had fun, and I got paid. Definitely got the acting blood bubbling again!
Can anything be more fun than blanket forts with Dad? My son doesn't think so!!!
And there's my first installment of Insta-Friday. Join in the fun here!
life rearranged


Jeannett said...

so fun! thanks for linking up!

kara noel @ Eli's Lids said...

Instagram is addicting! I'll look to follow you now :) I'm @elislids :)
Love Joy's Hope as well :)
And you do look so professional for your acting job... I was the "before" in a workout video once... don't ask...