Monday, June 13, 2011

Insta-Friday S1:E2 - Delayed

Well, I couldn't just do one Insta-Friday and then bail, but I have been super busy at work, even working on Sunday. To say I'm exhausted from work is an understatement. But here's a look at last week....

This is my pup... she was looking all sad, but I think she was just hot.

Aidan loves playing with his Matchbox cars. These were his very first ones. I think Daddy is having just as much fun! I do wish the iphone had a flash though!

Last weekend I actually got to work on a scrapbook! This is really sad though. It was intended as a maternity gift for a friend. I also made her a quilt for her baby girl, Molly. Molly is now nearly 4 months old! And I just finished the scrapbook. What makes this really sad is that this scrapbook doesn't have photos! It's just an 8x8 with photo-corners for one 4x6 photo on a page. It's just simple layouts. But it's done! Finally!

Two days a week I bring Aidan to work with me. On this day, cutting through the breezeway from the main office to my office Aidan discovered the ant trail. Every time we went by we had to stop and talk to the ants, and before we left, Aidan would always say "bye ants!". He's just the sweetest!

And then he proceeded to pull all my post-it stickers out of the package... they were everywhere! I even found one stuck to his sock when we got home that night!

We're in the midst of catalog production right now. We have approximately 10 days to go from a database of 550 items to a complete, camera ready, 200+ page pdf, complete with a photo and description for every item, sent to the printers. We were also in the midst of a heat wave. This is the 2nd heat wave since Memorial day. 100 degree, humid weather, and the stress of being the only person that can run InDesign in the office, means a Dew Day!

And here's proof of the heat wave! I don't show my legs in anything other than capris unless it's a formal occasion. I definitely do not wear skirts/dresses/shorts to work! It's very casual at work. But it's too darn hot to have anything on the legs!!!

My poor family suffers during catalog production as well. This was my idea of cooking last week. We also had pizza, and went out for BBQ. And since I can't remember what else we ate, I really hope I fed my family! Kidding... I did... I think....

We were invited to a BBQ on Saturday by my co-worker. It was nice to get invited someplace, we usually spend weekends with just the 3 of us. The kids had brought a sprinkler thing but the hose wouldn't reach out front where all the adults were, so buckets of water were brought out for the kids to play in. We really weren't sure if Aidan would get in or not, considering he had just pitched a fit that the grass was wet! Well, he did. And we hadn't packed him any change of clothes! He went home in just a diaper... but he had a blast!

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