Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Just a minor rant... I'm just about fed up with Blogger's formatting issues. My first blog was in April 2007, and I'm seriously thinking about leaving Blogger. But where do I go? Should I have my own domain name?

I'd like to get serious about my blogging again, and I'd like to make a difference with my blog again. I lost many many followers when I was no longer struggling with infertility. Sad... but it happens.

My blogger idol is Joy's Hope. Her message is clear, heck, it's written across the banner of her blog, "Do Something Good Everyday". It's how I try to live my life, and what I want to pass on to my son. I think having a blog is a great way to promote, share, inspire and encourage not only others, but MYSELF!

I think my goal with our big move back to New England will be to slow down and step up. I don't want to live my life to work, and pleasing co-workers, clients and bosses. I want to live my life enjoying my son and my husband. I no longer care if I make a difference in the business world. I care if I make a difference in THE WORLD.

Maybe I'll take some time to decide where my blogging is going, what I want to do, the message I want to send, and then say goodbye to "Sayers Journey" at Blogspot... (bittersweet) I do have a website for Aidan, which I never update, I just want him to have his own domain. I should use that website for Aidan updates! Hmmm... what do you think?

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Anonymous said...

Have you looked into Wordpress? They are a blog hosting sight and Dave thinks they are great. He is helping my Mom set up a blog there. I'm sorry you lost followers after your infertility struggle was over. I think you have a lot of important things to say, and I would like to see where you go from here!